Crypto Trading Watch for Opus (OPT)

Investors may be following recent crypto trading action for Opus (OPT). Since the prior day’s settlement price, the currency has moved -4.84% recently reaching$0.0246592. Following the circulating supply, we note that the number is 140080549 with a market capitalization of 3454274. Today’s volume is recorded at 254.934.

About Opus (OPT):
Opus (Symbol: OPT) is a distributed music-sharing system tackling the matter of music ownership and sharing at an infrastructure and protocol level. Speed’s leveraging, and redundancy of a new Interplanetary FileSystem, IPFS, Opus can measure and deliver thousands of tracks per second in a completely decentralized manner. This throughput is obtained by encrypting music tracks on the fly and keeping the encrypted music files forever on the IPFS swarm. Decryption keys and file hashes are accepted to be stored immutably on the Opus smart contract. By only keeping the decryption keys and reference hashes, the team can facilitate some innovative characteristics such as file ownership, trade, and full distribution. With Opus, artists can monetize their content by selling permanent enter to their IPFS music files and decryption keys straight to a fan

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