Digital Coin Watch: Genaro Network (GNX) Reaches $0.208636

Tracking some recent cryptocurrency data, we note that Genaro Network (GNX) has moved to the $0.208636 mark. The circulating supply levels are presently 241564477 with a market capitalization of 50399046. Recent volume has been seen at 1110570. Since the previous day’s settlement price, the currency has seen a change of 1.80%.

About Genaro Network (GNX):
Genaro Network (symbol: GNE) is the first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain with open storage. A one-stop solution for developers to deploy smart contracts and store data at the same time. Meanwhile, a trustworthy internet and a sharing community is offered. Genaro aims to contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development. Through the Genaro Hub and Accelerator, we aim to foster thousands of DAPPS, to move applications from Cloud to Blockchain

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