Tracking BitcoinZ (BTCZ): Crypto Trading at $0.00160701

About BitcoinZ (BTCZ):
BitcoinZ (Symbol: BTCZ) is a digital currency utilizing Equihash (using GPU mining) with the supply of 21 billion coins in total. The current amount is 12500 coins every 2.5 minutes, and the current block size is 2MB every 2.5 minutes. Thanks to zk-SNARKs privacy, it ensures anonymity of transactions. The Crypto issued in September 2017 and it will always be immutable, independent and will not be managed by any corporation. BitcoinZ is a Fully decentralized cryptocurrency with no root domain, no main website and no main dev team that everyone can join and leave at any time. Developers are self-organized in development pods. It also allows all implementations which follow consensus rules. The users don’t need to register but just create new pod account (e.g. GitHub) and convince community.

Crypto investors may be placing the focus on BitcoinZ (BTCZ). After a recent check, we note that the crypto has recently reached $0.00160701. The circulating supply levels are currently 1980787694. The market capitalization is currently 3183146. Session volume is reading 65686.5. Since the previous day’s settlement price, the currency has seen a change of -7.13%.

Navigating the cryptocurrency market is no walk in the park. As the market becomes more defined, investors will have their work cut out for them. Many investors will be pouring over the whitepapers for various coins. These are typically highly detailed proposals by the development team highlighting the functionality and purpose of the coin. Investors not familiar with all of the highly technical terminology may need to do a lot of extra homework. Understanding the overall objectives of the specific currency may be a good place to begin ones research. Investors may also want to do some detailed research on whether or not the project is funded by notable investors in order to help verify the coin’s credibility. 

These days, it is hard to read about new technology without hearing about the latest developments with blockchain. Blockchain is an open sourced computer protocol that lets users conduct peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain technology is designed to confirm the validity of transactions in real time. Using cryptography, blocks are created by a “mining” process in which computers solve highly complex and random cryptography. Blockchains are essentially viewed as distributed ledgers, and the technology is generally considered to be very secure.

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, but they may function a bit differently. There are various factors to look at when examining a specific digital currency. Some of these include processing speed, available currency supply, and total amount of currency. Investors will most likely want to dig deeper and see who is behind a certain coin. Currencies that seem too good to be true might be just exactly that. There should be plenty of information available from the creators that can be researched. Understanding how different cryptocurrencies work may help the investor decide which ones are worth purchasing and which ones should be left alone.

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